Kinder Bounce is a fun basketball-based programme for young children up to 8 years old. Different games are used to improve hand-eye coordination and children learn how to catch, throw and dribble the ball. Classes are in English.

It’s a fun way to learn the basics of basketball while developing important motor skills and social skills like learning to take instructions and interacting with other children the same age.

  • Children's basketball classes in Central, Hong Kong

  • Children's basketball classes in Central, Hong Kong

    Experienced, professional & trusted.

  • Children's basketball classes in Kowloon

    Our coaches run Kinder Bounce classes for over 200 students each week all across Hong Kong at some of the best clubs and associations.

    Players all learn with one ball each, and we use appropriate sized mini-basketballs, hoops and lots of fun, colourful equipment—e.g. cones, bean bags, mats etc.

    The drills are designed to progress players as part of a planned programme, while they have fun and exercise.

    We have a red and white Kinder Bounce uniform that gives players a sense of belonging and team spirit.

    We split our classes into different age groups

  • Children's basketball classes in Jordan, Hong Kong

    • walking to 2 years old
    • 2 year olds
    • 3 year olds
    • 4 year olds
    • 5-6 year olds
    • 7-8 year olds

    Our sessions are always fun, but include real coaching and real learning!

    The Kinder Bounce ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Learning Outcomes’ have been created by our professional coaches, who have many years’ experience in working with very young students. In 2023 we relaunched our curriculum to blend our love of teaching through play with our passion for basketball and building technical competency at a young age. This change perfectly fuses fun with learning.

  • Children's basketball classes in Tung Chung, Hong Kong

    Supporting Emotional Development:

  • Children's basketball classes all over Hong Kong


    The success of Kinder Bounce has led us to set up Asia Pacific Basketball. For those children wishing to continue to develop their basketball skills and understanding we have now developed our technical curriculum in line with other Asia Pacific Sports programs. Like all our programs APB blends fun with learning and our experienced and qualified basketball coaches pass on their technical knowledge to the children learning through play and game related practices. If your child is too old for Kinder Bounce click here to search for Asia Pacific Basketball classes.

  • Children's basketball classes all over Hong Kong