How do I join the classes?

If you are new to Kinder Kicks you are welcome to join a trial class, which is totally free. No obligations. Just call or email us to arrange it. There´s no charge if you sign up later or not.

As we coach some different sports, it’s OK to have a trial class of each sport. Some venues take the bookings directly and may have their own policy, in which case you will have to contact them to arrange a trial class.

The trial class was great! What now?

Email us or call, and we will send you an application form. Just take the form and payment to the next class … it´s that simple!

How old does my child have to be to start your soccer / basketball / multi-sport classes?

Your child should be walking comfortably in order to start our youngest age group which is walking-2yo. If they are not walking well we would advise to wait a couple of months until they are as they will get frustrated with some of the activities.

Is it for boys and girls?

YES! Our program is for boys and girls and some of our classes there have more girls than boys!

Do parents /helpers participate in the classes?

- in the classes for the walking-2yo and 2 year olds parents usually need to help the players with the activities. Don’t worry it’s easy! You just need to be there to offer encouragement and help them take turns.
– in 3 and 4 year old classes players can usually manage the activities themselves, and the adults can watch from the side. However the coach may still need your support! Please be ready and willing to encourage your child, or be there to help with any behavior problems.
– in classes 5 years old and over children can be dropped off and picked up. Our coaches will have an emergency contact for a parent if anything happens.

How do we sign up and how much do I pay?

If you check our schedules there are locations, dates and prices listed, but different rules and prices at different venues. If in doubt please contact the office by email or call 23859677.

I´m concerned my child might get flu at your class

This is something we are aware of. Here´s what the doctors say:
– a virus causes flu
- getting wet or cold does not cause flu
– breathing the virus or touching your nose/mouth if you have the virus on your hands are the main ways to catch flu
– wearing a mask and washing hands before and after the class is the best way for your child to reduce the risk of infection.

Can I take photos / videos at classes?

We understand that parents want to take pictures and videos of their children playing. However please be sensitive to the feelings of other parents! Please don’t take pictures/videos if:
- our staff ask you to stop.
- another parent asks you to stop.

We need to make sure everyone is comfortable, and that all players are protected from the misuse of opportunities to take or manipulate footage in a way that is harmful, or places them at risk of harm.

Can I post photos / videos on social media, etc?

Use common sense when using any images/video,
i.e. you cannot use them:
- for any commercial / publicity use
- if it makes any child, except your own, readily identifiable.
- if it shows any player in a bad light. Especially images/video that are edited or shown out of context. All players under 18 years should be allowed to forget sporting mishaps, and judgement errors.
… any change to approved material (or its use) must be given in advance, in writing, by APSS and the parents. If in doubt please ask.

Do I have to buy a uniform ?

Not for the trial class! After that, all children wear the uniform to our classes. You can buy one from the shop on our website. Delivery takes around 2 days.

The term has started already, is it OK to join?

No problem! If your child joins part way through a term, the fee will be pro-rated – so you just pay for the remaining classes that term. And of course the trial class is FREE anyway.

What happens if the class is full?

Each term we give priority to children already enrolled in the class to join again. Many venues have limited space and classes fill up quickly. You can put your child´s name on the waiting list in advance for most venues (although some have special rules!). Call or email us to find out more.

If my child misses a class, can I get a refund or a credit?

Our rules about credits and refunds are very simple, and stated clearly in our Terms and Conditions. Please take a minute to read them – they’re not long, and clearly give our position on this.

However, if you pay the venue directly for the classes, they will have their own rules on this. Our application forms will always have our policy on refunds, credits, etc. clearly stated. Again, please just take a moment to read them, and contact us with any questions.

What does my child need to bring?

Players should arrive in their uniform, correct footwear for the venue, plenty of drinking water. For outdoor sessions you will need sun protection, warm clothes if it’s cold, spare clothes if its wet. Make sure they have medication with them if they need it.

My child is an advanced for their age. Can he/she move up to the next age group early?

We appreciate children all develop differently – there is actually no strict rule about when children should move up (or down) a level. What we recommend is that you should always start in the prescribed age group for your child. Speak to the coach about your child’s progress and they will always give you the best advice about which group to apply for in the next term. Children are also able to swap classes mid-term if the coach recommends it.

If my child misses a class, can I get a refund or a credit?

Our rules about credits and refunds are very simple, and are stated clearly in our Terms and Conditions. Please take a minute to read them – they are not long, and clearly give our position on this. Also, be aware that at several venues where you pay the venue directly for the classes, they will have their own rules on this. Our application forms will always have our policy on refunds, credits etc clearly stated. Again, please just take a moment to read them or contact us with any questions.

Weather issues.

Hong Kong is subject to bad weather during the course of the year and the safety of our students is paramount. Our coaches (who are first aid trained) are aware of what to do in adverse weather conditions. In addition, our office monitors the weather forecast closely to try to ensure that students participate in a safe environment. Lessons are generally cancelled due to bad weather at OUTDOOR venues and extreme weather in INDOOR venues.

When a lesson is cancelled we will send an email and SMS to parents advising them. It is important to provide us with the correct information – especially if you are out of town but your child is attending. We do try and cancel an hour before lessons to leave enough time for alternative arrangements to be made for the children, but understand that weather can change quickly and this is not always possible.

Indoor classes.

Classes held inside can normally go ahead in all weather – apart from extreme weather (T8 or black rain warning etc.). We will always run indoor classes in T3 / amber / red rain / hot / cold weather warnings etc.

Outdoor classes.

Soccer is an outdoor sport, however we realise that in Hong Kong outdoor sessions for young children may be effected by the weather. Our coaches will always arrive at a venue 60 mins before the class and make a decision about whether the session is playable (e.g. if there is standing water on the pitch area) or unsafe (e.g. there is heavy rain or a thunderstorm). In circumstances like there we may need to cancel a session. If we do this we will send you an SMS about 1 hour before the class. We cancel classes when:
- Typhoon 8 is raised.
- Black rainstorm warning is raised.
- Any local conditions make it unsafe or impractical to play soccer outdoors.
e.g. severe pollution, local thunderstorm, waterlogged pitch, extreme wind or rain, etc

Code of Conduct for Coaches.

The job of a coach is to help every child become a better and fair player. We expect them to:
1. place player safety above winning or losing.
2. explain what is expected in training / games, so players & parents / carers understand.
3. never tolerate or take part in bullying.
4. help develop the skills / self-esteem of every player regardless of ability.
5. encourage players to take responsibility for their behaviour and performance.
6. make sure all activities are age / ability appropriate.
7. require respectful behaviour from all players.

During matches coaches have a special role, and must:
8. be respectful to everyone: match officials, opposition players / coaches / spectators / managers, etc
9. place safety and fair play above winning or losing.
10. respect officials’ decisions without public criticism.
11. never tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or language.