Kinder Games is a multi-sport programme in English for children up to 6 years old which uses all kinds of equipment and games to get kids active. Students learn how to throw, catch, balance, crawl, jump, dodge and more!

As well as improving a child’s motor skills, it will also teach them valuable social skills like sharing, taking turns and listening to Coach.

  • Children's multi-sport classes in Hong Kong

  • Children's multi-sport classes in Hong Kong

    Experienced, professional & trusted.

    Kinder Games sessions introduce players to the basics of lots of different activities, loosely based around an Olympic games theme – such as running, jumping and throwing. We coach at some of the best clubs and associations in Hong Kong.

    The classes use lots of colourful and fun equipment to keep students engaged – speed ladders, tunnels, hoops, bean bags, cones, hurdles, balls, shuttlecocks, javelins etc.

    We split our classes into different age groups

    • walking to 2 years old
    • 2 year olds
    • 3 year olds
    • 4 year olds
    • 5-6 year olds

    Our Kinder Games programme is ideal for introducing players to lots of different activities rather than just one sport.

    Our programme teaches sports skills, basic motor skills, as well as valuable social skills.

    Sports-specific skills

    e.g. running technique, quick feet, direction changes, hopping and jumping, underarm throws, chest throws, overarm throws, catching, balancing on head, balancing egg and spoon etc.

    Motor skills

    e.g. stretching, variations in movement, awareness of obstacles, throwing and catching, rhythm & stepping, shuffling, balancing & stabilising, stooping & bending etc.

    Social skills

    e.g. greeting coach, following instructions, taking turns, sharing, teamwork, learning to win and lose, sportsmanship, English language use etc.