• Soccer classes at Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Hong Kong
  • Soccer classes at Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Hong Kong
  • Football classes for under 5yo all over Hong Kong
  • Kindergarten Kids activities in Hong Kong
  • Soccer and basketball classes on Lantau Island
  • Soccer for toddlers at HKFC Hong Kong


Kinder Kicks is a soccer / football play program for children from walking to 5 years old. Classes are in English, although we also offer some special Mandarin language sessions.

Our professional coaches teach a wide variety of exciting games where students enjoy themselves while learning the basics of soccer. Each activity is designed to improve a young child’s motor skills and social skills … while having fun!

Experienced, professional & trusted

We coach over 1,500 under-5 Kinder Kicks students EVERY WEEK at over 30 locations, including some of Hong Kong’s best clubs and associations. We are trusted by our partners and parents to provide professional, reliable and fun sessions.

We use lots of special equipment in our classes – e.g. bean bags, skittles, mini footballs and goals – that are used in games that develop a young child’s motor skills, while teaching valuable social skills. But we always strike a good balance between learning and fun!

We split our classes into 4 age groups

• walking to 2 years old
• 2 year olds
• 3 year olds
• 4-5 year olds
Above this age children should join our Asia Pacific Soccer Schools programme.

Our sessions are always fun, but include real coaching and real learning!

The Kinder Kicks ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Learning Outcomes’ have been created by our professional coaches, who have many years’ experience in working with very young students.

Every session is planned to develop players in 3 areas:

Soccer-specific skills

e.g. dribbling, ball control, ball striking, striking moving ball, passing, left and right foot, inside outside foot etc.

Motor skills

e.g. balance, change of direction, awareness, turning, shuffling side-to-side, jumping, moving into space etc.

Social skills

e.g. greeting coach, following instructions, taking turns, sharing, teamwork, learning to win and lose, sportsmanship, English language use etc.